About Us

What is Rock Infrastructure?

Rock Infrastructure was established to provide structured solutions for large-scale infrastructure projects. We work with public sector bodies as a development partner and as a co-sponsor alongside private sector sponsors and investors in structuring deals to respond to a significantly changed marketplace. It provides strategic leadership to drive the creation of innovative, successful and value creating projects. Rock has the proven ability to win and deliver the best projects as efficiently as possible.

We take a long-term view of developing successful projects. It is complimentary to all project stakeholders and works with financial and legal advisors to ensure that they are used in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Who do we work with?

Rock is an independent greenfield developer that works with institutional providers of secured debt and equity and pension funds.

We work best in developing the early stages of large infrastructure projects with strong links into central and local government and the project financing market.

We work constructively and efficiently with lawyers and financial advisors.

How do we add value?

Rock creates new structured solutions from first principles through aligning the interests of parties with different stakes, responsibilities and risk expectations.

We offer innovative solutions to fill a gap in the infrastructure project development market caused by the dynamic changes in the PPP (public-private partnership) sector.

How are we rewarded?

The great majority of Rock’s income will be based on the success of the projects it is working on, rather than taking large fees at an hourly rate during the course of the project. This ensures that we are rewarded for value creation and that its interests are aligned with those of the principals.

Rock makes long-term investments of time, and our involvement will deliver significant savings in at-risk bid budget costs for complex procurements.